"Sahil se takrati leher ne kaha...
Mujhe koi aur pyara lagne laga hai.
Meri aankhon ka sharara, tera aks nahin,
yeh toh meri rawani, meri pyas ka ishara hai.

Sahil khamosh raha...
Milan ki madhoshi mein dooba raha.

Jab aankh khuli toh dekha, ab wahan pe leher nahin thi.
Hooton pe jami nami, na jaane kab... par sookh chuki thi.

Kuch bacha tha toh bas, leher mein doob jaane ka ehsaas...
Joh ab sada ke liye mera apna ho gaya tha."



Let me start with the known facts first…

Anusha Rizvi was (a little) late in commencing the project and hence the sheer objective of unmasking the crude reality behind ‘media explosion’, ‘sansani’ and ‘live bites’ fall flat today. I am saying this as majority of us today are already aware of the authenticity of such coverage, in light of various other projects that we have seen in recent past, across TV and cinema like; office-office (pankaj kapoor), Well done abba, A Wednesday, Mumbai Meri Jaan etc.

Coming to the film as such, the film is shot with supreme efficacy. The characters are not the make believe ones. They are real, crude and ugly. The project goes on to capture people in the heartland of India especially from the oppressed class; their way of life, the harsh realities they face, the challenges appointed by the system, system they are themselves part of and also the custodians of this system who’re oblivious to the changing environment and its demands. What’s commendable is that while all this is real, the team was still able to capture it in a storyline which is of great cinematic value. Bravo! And thanks for unveiling something that we choose to close our eyes on.

Now comes the difficult part, for me. The film leaves you with a desolated after taste - A heart full of anguish. Well, not because I am a big KJo fan, who watches films for a fantasy ride only but because PEEPLI deliberately stayed away from any ray of light that could ignite “hope.” It doesn’t tell me why the ‘village reporter’ who questions the death of another farmer has to die and more importantly, why is he the only one alive with a conscience? Why ‘dhaniya’ continues to live with those two disgraceful men? Or why there’s not a single government process that is in order? Probably, the film maker wanted you to get out with a heavy heart and find your own answers. I felt lost.
But if that is what you wanted Mis.Rizvi.
Let me tell you…

“You have nailed it!”