Too many GODS on the road!

Everyone says I am fine, everyone says I am right!
Today if everyone knows…what to, why to and how to do the right thing?
Then why do we live with such imperfections, pain, grief, agony, despair?


We started with the belief that there is a celestial governing power that rules the world.

Named him GOD.
Some fellow humans illustrated it for our benefit with some real life examples like; Ram, Krishna, Mohammad, Jesus and more...They defined the world we live in.

These values had to change clothes, in order to be relevant to the new age mindsets. And hence we have modern-age examples like; Newton, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Bhagat Singh, Hitler etc.

These were called GOD-LIKE-HUMANS as even they knew all the answers, just like GOD for their respective situations/circumstances.
These are new-age examples but the ‘philosophy for life’ dint change a bit.
All the above had one thing in common: “They practiced what they preached.”
And amplified the belief that – “Principles are; you either live by them or die by them".

In quest of becoming GOD-LIKE-HUMANS, we started imitating.

But we found it very painful to practice before we preach.
And hence (unlike those god-like-humans) we compromised to survive.
We forgot to live on our own terms.
We surrendered.
The mirror dint lie.
Realization led everyone to guilt.
Guilt led to acceptance.
Acceptance lead to more guilt and finally ‘forgiveness’.
We made ourselves believe that – to forgive is GOD.
To overcome the guilt we started forgiving and continued preaching. 
And soon, information accumulation got termed as knowledge and wisdom.

And a result of this imitation…Today we have…
“Too many GODS on the road. And not many humans.”

Basic truth: God doesn’t feel pain, despair, agony etc....Humans do.
We draw the line for everything related to our lives. Hence it’s our world. Not Gods.

The World need humans. Not Gods.
Let’s practice before we preach.

Jai Hind!