YOU against YOU

Aoooo bhayiyo....baba da dhaba pe apaka phir se swagat hai!!! aaoo betho roti-shooti khatee hain, "aoyeee chotu ....manjeee lagwae de enaannuu, baith jaye jee. Khaat-waat dal de idhar"........."aur ji sunao kya loge, lassi-wasssi bhejwaun?"


Well....all that because... yeh aaaj ka topic zara sangeen hai....lets see how it goes.

The game called LIFE.
Yes! but unlike other games, this game is played individually, alone.
No one wins or looses, as its you at both the ends.
There is no formal training provided to play this game. As far as education is concerned, it takes you far away from just being yourself. (This is a separate debate and hence we shall proceed further)
There are no world cups in this game; though there are NOBEL prizes but these are just a minuscule number. What happens to other games being played?

Right from the beginning we dream of a different me.
A 'me' which we want to become, which is the ultimate, in control of everything around.
We all have grown-up with our own dreams of a different 'me'.
All our efforts are directed towards attaining this version of 'me'.
At times we attain it. And hence immediately the dream changes its next definition; the next level. This is an ongoing process. And to self-realize that you have attained what you dreamt once, you need people around. This eccentric behaviour or the human ability creates a dillusion that there are partners in life but actually if you look around, there are none.

This is best illustrated when we try and describe ourselves.
We describe our dreams.
You'll find a million of examples on this site itself. Those few words 'about me'...remember? People share there dreams here. Dreams of self-actualizations, of defining their role & existence in this world. Their pursuit in the game which we call LIFE. For e.g. Anuja states "I rely on miracles" or my good friend Harjee says "Human, in every sense of word" or I might say "All I know is advertising". May be that is what we dream of, something which we have still not adequately attained. This feeling inside, does not allow us to change the description or to reach the next dream.

We fall short of the standards set by us, for ourselves.
The day we'll attain it, this "about me" will change accordingly.

You always dream alone.
And the rest of your life, you try to fulfill the same.
Others come and go, but you and your dream remains.
The QUEST remains!
The YOU vs YOU battle remains!
And as metallica sums it all up :::: Memory remains!


Aazadi ::: Na meri, na tumhari!

Pehla blog - Matrbhoomi ke naam!

Aazadi ki 59th varshgath par, Jan-hit mein jaari - EK SANDESH

Yeh hai aazadi
Na meri, na tumhari

Mahatma, Subhash, Bhagat Singh - sabhi ne jaan ladayi
Par aazadi 200 saal baad sabhi ke hissee aaayi?

Sabhi ne khushiyan manayi
Sangharsh ki to jaise ho gayi…manayi

Abb chubhta hai pradushan, corruption aur samajwaad
Koi nahin sunta jab ghir ke aaye andher raaj

Sabhi kehte hain badlav chahiye...
Sarkar ho, bekar ho, ghar-baar ho...badlav chahiye

kaise aayega yeh badlav, kon layega aur kyon?

Yehi hai aazadi...
Na meri, na tumhari

Nahin-Nahin bhai...ise bachana hooga...sawarna hoga
Thodi si sachhayi se...achhayi se
Aooo shapath le...aaj se...abhi se
Hum kaam sachhayi se karenge, kisi ko dhoka nahin denge,
Kisi roote ko hasayenge, kisi bhuke ko roti khilayenge

Paiso ke alawa..thodi si achhayi hum sab roj kamayenge!

Aakhir yeh hai aazadi
Na meri, na tumhari

Jai Hind!